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Helping Your Child Manage Exam Stress

Claire’s Top Tips                                             EXAM STRESS Examination stress can hit even the best prepared young person and affect how they cope with tests and their everyday lives. In a recent survey Child Line found that 96% of young people are anxious about exams and revision. Many young people need extra sensitivity and support during exam times. Here are some tips to help you and your child manage exam stress. Top Tip 1 Do find the right balance between being supportive and fussing. Ask your child how much they want you to show your interest and when to leave them to get on with … Continue reading

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New Years Parenting Resolutions

Claire’s Top Tips                                        New Years Parenting Resolutions Try a new twist to your 2013 New Years’ resolutions by making them all about how you raise your children. Here are some ideas for parenting resolutions, try these or think up your own. Top Tip One Resolve to play more. Caring for children gives you a great excuse to be childlike and playful yourself. Try joining in their finger painting, chasing round the park, playing at the pool or making messy food together in the kitchen. You’ll enjoy letting loose and your children will love it that you’re taking part. Top Tip … Continue reading

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Talking With Children About Traumatic Events – Claire’s Thoughts

  The terrible acts against children in a Connecticut school this December are the subject of discussion and worry for adults and children alike. For parents there is the immediate concern about how much to let children see and hear of this attack within a school and how to explain, in an age appropriate way, why this happened and reassure children of their safety. Many children of Primary School age will be aware of the attack, through overhearing adult conversation, listening to the radio or seeing TV reports. Even if they are not openly asking you about it they may have many questions … Continue reading

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