Academic Publications

HALSEY, C. (1993) Attitude and Behaviour Change In Young People: An evaluation of Project Turnaround; In Student Behaviour Problems: Positive Initiatives and New Frontiers; Eds. EVANS, D., MYHILL, M. & IZARD. J. ACER.

TYERMAN, C. & CANTER, D. (1983)A Taxonomy of Small Hostels for Alcoholics;Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 11, pages 225-231.

TYERMAN, C. (1983) Behaviour Modification in “Reality”, Intensive Behaviour Modification in a Hospital Setting; Mental Handicap, 11, pages 68-69.

TYERMAN, C. & SEWPAUL, C. (1983) Portage: Its Extension and Adaptation for Use With Adults; Mental Handicap, 11, pages 120-121.

SEWPAUL, C., THORPE, J.G. & TYERMAN, C. (1982) Control of Body Rocking in a Mentally Handicapped Boy; Nursing Times, 13, pages 1731-1732.

TYERMAN, C. & SPENCER, C.P. (1980) Normalised Physical Environment for the Mentally Handicapped, and its Effect on Patterns of Activity, Social Relations and Self-Help Skills; British Journal of Mental Subnormality, 26, pages 47-54.

Publications in my previous name Tyerman included

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