The Day-by-Day Baby Book (2012) 
Editor Dr. Ilona Bendefy, contributors Bella Dale, Carol Cooper, Claire Halsey, Fiona Wilcock, Jenny Hall, Judy Barratt, Karen Sullivan, Mary Steen, Su Laurent.

This is the essential day-by-day advice for your baby’s exciting first year. The “Day-by-Day Baby Book” is the only book that new parents need for the extraordinary first year of their baby’s life. Covering every single day of the first twelve months and all aspects of baby care and development, the book has unrivalled detail on everything from breast feeding to bonding all provided by a team of experts including paediatricians, midwives, psychologists and nutritionists. Companion to the popular The “Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book”, you’ll find unbiased advice on babycare providing you with the pros and cons of various approaches as well as practical “how to” boxes and a comprehensive health section on common childhood ailments. The “Day-by-Day Baby Book” is the perfect companion to have with you throughout your baby’s first year.

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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781405375818
Size: 213 x 255mm
Pages: 432
Publication date: 01 Aug 2012
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Baby Development Everything you need to know (2012)
Baby development, everything you need to knowby Dr Claire Halsey
Both visual and practical, showing you the essential information that other books only tell you. Some new parents feel daunted by huge baby and childcare tomes. Baby Development: Everything You Need to Know delivers just the right amount of information in crystal-clear detail. Each book gets straight to the point, with this book taking you through the first two years of your baby’s life from newborn to toddler and how you can help them to develop in a relaxed fun way.
Packed with fun games and activities to encourage development in communication, movement, sociability, cognitive ability and hand control, key milestones are explained with clear photographs and step-by-step instructions to guide you through what to expect, from the first smile and learning to roll, to the first steps and words.

Simple, practical and highly visual, no parent should be without Baby Development: Everything You Need to Know.

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Adobe eBook
ISBN: 9781409375418
Publication date: 01 Mar 2012
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

My Pregnancy (2011)
EMy pregnancy (2011)ditor Dr Virginia Beckett, contributing authors
Your pregnancy guide with the personal touchFrom pre-conception through to the first six weeks after your baby’s birth, My Pregnancy is packed with practical how-to and real-life experience. Written by six experts who are also mums themselves it’s like having your own personal team of experts on-hand whenever you need them. They will help reassure you and answer all your questions advising you on antenatal care, nutrition, childbirth, fitness, baby care and emotional well being.
Tips, ideas and words of encouragement from each of the experts appear throughout as well as “It happened to me” sections where they share their own personal stories and pearls of wisdom about pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.
Feel informed without being overwhelmed with My Pregnancy, the perfect pregnancy guide and a beautiful gift for all mothers-to-be.

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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781405363778
Size: 195 x 235mm
Pages: 352
Publication date: 01 Sep 2011
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Ask a Parenting Expert (2009)
Ask a parenting expert (2009)by Claire Halsey, Matthew Johnson, Joanna Grave
Find the answers to all your questions on raising children from 0-16 with expert tips and problem-solving strategies.

When it comes to understanding children’s behaviour and helping them grow into happy and confident individuals well-prepared for adult life, it pays to follow the advice and wisdom of Tanya Byron, expert professionals – and parents who know what it’s like to raise children.

Find out how to tame a toddler tantrum, the right amount of TV time for kids and how to encourage your child’s independence. Packed with hundreds of real-life questions, answered with up-to-date information and knowledge, this expert guide covers everything you need to know, from babies to teenagers. It’s like having your own parenting expert on call throughout your child’s life.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781405341790
Size: 183 x 235mm
Pages: 256
Publication date: 03 Aug 2009
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
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Your Child Year by Year (2008)

Your Child Year by Year (2008)foreword Tanya Byron, authors: Carol Cooper, Dr Claire Halsey, Su Laurent & Karen Sullivan.

A guide to all the developmental milestones of childhood – physical, emotional and cognitive – covering ages 3 to 14

Whether you want advice for several children of different ages, or you want to follow the progress of one, this book is just what you need, giving you all the information for caring and raising children.

Understand every stage of your child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development, and pick up essential advice on how to make a success of being a parent. Question and answer boxes give realistic and practical advice and strategies on how to deal with common problems and stressful situations from “how can I help a child who is shy” to “how can I tell if my child is being bullied at school?”

From a team of top-selling authors and childcare experts in child health, psychology, parenting and childcare, with a foreword by Dr Tanya Byron.

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Product details
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781405332071
Size: 183 x 235mm
Pages: 320
Publication date: 01 Aug 2008
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

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